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We are a growing, family-owned furniture business delivering sofas to customers across the UK. We sell a wide range of leather, fabric and faux leather sofas and other furniture at competitive, hard-to-match prices. We have been trading for over 10 years and have sold thousands of sofas to happy customers.


We believe every house deserves to be made into a home. That means comfort, and comfort means quality – well crafted, well-designed furniture that we can offer you at the lowest possible prices. We’re here to deliver you elegant and durable furniture as quickly, cheaply, and easily as possible – everything brand new, well packaged, and brought straight to your home.


We’ve spent 10 years liaising and improving relationships with our suppliers so that they know exactly what we want to give you: furniture that looks good, lasts long, and costs less. Our sofas are imported directly from our manufacturers to our warehouses in the UK where they wait to be claimed by you, available whenever you want. We don’t deal with middlemen or wholesalers, and we sell over the internet – meaning we have none of the expensive overheads of a retail store and can directly sell you great furniture at great prices. We make sure we save so that you save.


As a company, these values are integral to how we operate. We have worked hard to create a positive working environment for our staff and aim to share this in the experience that our customers have with us.

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